"It is the belief of the members of the Red Road HIV/AIDS Network that all people are affected by HIV/AIDS"
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Mission Statement

We are a collaborative network supporting Aboriginal HIV/AIDS service providers, Aboriginal persons with HIV/AIDS and individuals and families with culturally inclusive resources, information, advocacy, leadership and political education.


The road being taken is a long one, with gentle slopes and steep mountains to climb before we reach it's end. The health of the community and the individual is linked by many pathways. Following any one of the paths recommended below will begin a journey that leads to what we are all searching for - healthy family and a healthy community.

  • Building Healthy Communities
  • Raising Awareness of HIV and AIDS
  • Preventing HIV Transmission
  • Diagnosing HIV Infection and Starting Treatment Early
  • Maintaining the Health of Aboriginal People Living with HIV
  • Caring for Aboriginal People Living with AIDS
  • Providing Leadership
  • Securing Funding for Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Services
  • Training the Necessary Personnel
  • Research to Support Effective and Relevant Program Planning

This is not a complete list of what the Red Road HIV/AIDS Network will do to address HIV/AIDS among BC's Aboriginal population, nor does it strictly focus on HIV/AIDS. It is up to each of us - and it is up to all of us - to walk together on this journey, as healthy individuals taking our own best pathway until we reach our journey's end.